Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

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Save our Marine Life and Protect our Coral Sea supporters are working together as the Big Blue Army to save our sanctuaries, both nationally and in individual states.

Every action by every supporter counts. People like you are the strength behind our success. Please take a moment to support our crucial campaigns here.

sa_upperhouse_action_FBUp to 80% of SA’s marine life is found nowhere else on Earth! Yet the South Australian Opposition has introduced a bill that would rip the heart out of the State’s new Marine Park network. Help Save SA’s Sanctuaries.

somle_meme_savesnubbyThe WA Government is considering a new marine park in Roebuck Bay, home to the biggest known population of Australia’s own and newly discovered snubfin dolphin. Ask them to create a marine sanctuary in the most isolated and pristine part of the Bay. Click here to take action.

Marine sanctuaries at risk