Marmion Marine Park – Email your local mp

Often described as the “King’s Park” of local waters, Marmion Marine Park is Perth’s premier coastal playground. Whether it’s diving, snorkeling, surfing, fishing or just getting out and appreciating nature, millions of Perth locals and visitors interact with Marmion Marine Park every year.

Right now, the West Australian Government is in the process of expanding and reviewing Marmion Marine Park. This is our chance to improve protection for iconic and unique marine life, whilst supporting our treasured coastal lifestyle into the future.

By showing your support to your local MP, you can help ensure the Marmion Marine Park expansion is a win-win for conservation, culture, recreation and coastal communities.

So please send a quick message to your local MP that you support the review and expansion of Marmion Marine Park.

Images: Shaw’s Cowfish, Leafy Seadragon, Australian Sea Lion Oceanwideimages.com

Letter text

Dear my Local Member of Parliament,

I am a constituent in your local electorate writing to show my strong support for the Western Australian Government’s commitment to expand Perth’s Marmion Marine Park. The opportunity to increase the protection offered by this iconic Marine Park will bring social, cultural, economic and conservation benefits for our WA marine life and coastal lifestyle for years to come.

Marmion Marine Park is an important asset for Western Australia, attracting 2 million visitors a year. For more than 30 years, locals and visitors have enjoyed swimming, fishing, diving, snorkelling and boating in Perth’s local coastal playground. This well-loved park also supports a number of iconic and unique species including endangered Australian sea lions, elusive seadragons, numerous seabird species, and a vast array of fish species.

The review and expansion of Marmion Marine Park provides the opportunity to secure important cultural, natural and recreational values and bring socio-economic benefits to local Perth communities.

As my local MP, will you support protecting the outstanding conservation, recreation and tourism values of the Marmion Marine Park by ensuring strong sanctuary protection for our marine life, alongside a mix of other zones to recognise cultural values, fishing, diving and other activities?

Yours sincerely

The Western Australian Government has just announced plans to review Marmion Marine Park – WA’s oldest Marine Park!

This is an incredible opportunity to protect Perth’s iconic marine life and treasured coastal lifestyle for years to come.

Contact your local mp and show your support for WA coastal protection today!

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which our offices stand and we pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.