Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life

Become a friend of your favourite marine park


The NSW Government is about to allow fishing from the shore in our protected marine sanctuaries. Then they plan to go park by park, rezoning boundaries and dismantling protections which could virtually see each park eliminated. Even destructive sea-floor trawling could be on the cards for our protected sanctuaries!

In the face of the biggest roll-back of marine protection Australia has seen, we are launching a major new initiative to safeguard the future of our Marine Parks.

Become a founding Friend of your favourite Marine Park, and join this exciting new movement to champion and protect our incredible marine life.

  • A mecca for ocean lovers for decades, Cape Byron is a tropical playground for majestic dolphins, manta rays and schools of big fish.
  • Vibrant coral reefs thrive in the clear waters of our oldest marine park, which protects a mix of tropical and temperate marine life alike.
  • Fur seals, endangered grey nurse sharks and green turtles make Port Stephens an incredible place, teeming with abundant marine life.
  • Lord Howe Island is World Heritage Listed for good reason, with the world's most southerly coral reefs, green turtles, tropical reef fish and incredible underwater caves.
  • Jervis has the whitest sand in the world, and beneath the waves a huge diversity of sea sponges, little penguins and over 200 species of reef fish.
  • Our newest marine park, Batemans, is a haven for holiday-makers, the elusive weedy sea-dragon and the largest colony of fur seals in Australia.
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