Save Our Marine Life
Save Our Marine Life
Save our sancuuaries
Save our sancuuaries

Our marine sanctuaries are all AT RISK. Send a message to your MP today

Everything we’ve fought for – the proud legacy that 100,000 of us helped to create - is now at risk of being cut back or completely erased.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has suspended our national network of marine sanctuaries and announced his long-awaited ‘review’, saying more science and consultation are needed.

But this drastic action makes NO sense. There’s already been 10 years of science, more than 600 days of consultation, and 750,000 public and stakeholder submissions, showing 95% support for sanctuaries.

We can’t let this rollback happen: Our sanctuaries protect our marine life, safeguard our coastal lifestyle, and give fish stocks across Australia the chance to rebuild and thrive. Together we created the world’s largest network of marine sanctuaries. Now it is our actions that can stop them being taken away.

Let your MP know why sanctuaries are important to you, and ask them to represent your view by helping to Save our Sanctuaries.

Ask your MP to help Save our Sanctuaries.

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Tips for your Message

Messages in your own words work because your MP will measure how much you care by seeing how much effort you’ve put into contacting them. Keeping it positive and highlighting why it matters to you will make it most effective.

We’ll also send a copy to Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt so he can see just how much support there is for sanctuaries.

If you’d like some tips, here are a few ideas about what to say.

Fast facts

  • Marine sanctuaries are proven to work by protecting important feeding and breeding areas, and giving fish stocks the chance to rebuild and thrive. Sanctuaries have been shown to prevent local extinctions and help make coral reefs more resilient to the impacts of climate change.
  • Healthy marine life is essential to support our coastal lifestyle, as well as Australia’s reputation as an iconic holiday destination. In fact, tourism, local business and world-class fishing have flourished around marine sanctuaries.
  • Many of our most revered fishing destinations have been marine parks for years now, and every published scientific and government survey of recreational fishers shows that a clear majority of recreational fishers support sanctuaries.
  • This ‘review’ is an expensive and unnecessary waste of time and money as there’s already been: 10 years of scientific assessment; 606 days of consultation; 221 leading scientists backed sanctuaries; 750,000 public and stakeholder submissions, with 95% support; and $100 million allocated to compensate for less than 2% of commercial fish catch affected.
  • Our national network of sanctuaries is the result of decades of effort across the political divide in Australia and received bi-partisan political support. It was initiated by John Howard’s Coalition Government in 1998, and finalised by the federal Labor Government in 2012. It should be a proud legacy for both Liberal and Labor.
Take action!

Let your MP know why sanctuaries are important to you, and ask them to represent your view by helping to Save our Sanctuaries.

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