Look at this 8m artwork – can you spot yours?

Remember late last year when we asked supporters to send in photos in support of marine sanctuaries so we could build a massive photomontage?
We’ve had a great response, and have put together this amazing and truly ginormous banner filled with images of sanctuary supporters across Australia. This eight-metre work of art was able to feature just a small portion of the wonderful pics everyone sent in!
Already this banner has made headlines with its first outing in Port Stephens. Community members rallied around it to raise awareness of the national marine sanctuaries review and to encourage people across Australia to have their say.
We’ll continue taking this banner to communities around Australia and the nation’s leaders can expect a visit too!
But for now, let’s head back to Port Stephens for a couple of minutes so you can hear from one of the locals.
Nigel Hayward never thought of the impact he had on the ocean as a fisherman until the day he went diving.
Today, he still loves fishing, but believes it is his duty as a father to share his knowledge with his children on sustainable fishing and on the important role marine parks have to play in preserving the underwater world.
This is Nigel’s story: www.saveourmarinelife.org.au/nigels-story
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