A toxic oil spill on our shores?

Can you imagine a disastrous toxic oil spill happening in Australia’s pristine southern waters?
This nightmare could become a reality if big oil companies are allowed to get a foothold in the Great Australian Bight. BP is planning to start high-risk deep sea oil drilling in the Bight, in and around 10 of our marine parks, as soon as October this year.
Thanks to your support, BP’s plan seeking approval to drill was rejected last year. Now they’re back again seeking approval and we need your help to stop them. Please add your name before the 1st April to keep BP out of the Bight. http://saveourmarinelife.org.au/keep-bp-out
BP has a shocking environmental safety track record. It’s the same company responsible for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010, which continues to devastate the region’s marine life and local communities and killed 11 workers.
In response to this push to industrialise the Great Australian Bight, the Australian Senate has established an urgent inquiry to investigate the risks of this development.
They need to see you’re deeply concerned about the huge risks that oil drilling poses to the Great Australian Bight’s marine environment and fishing and tourism industries. They need to hear loud and clear that the local community and broader Australia don’t want big oil corporations risking the Bight.
Please add your name before the 1st of April to keep BP out of the Bight.
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