A new Marine Park to protect WA’s south coast

Rivalling the Great Barrier Reef in both size and importance, the Great Southern Reef is a powerhouse of marine life. In fact, there are more unique species in the Great Southern Reef than there are along the entire Great Barrier Reef!

A quarter of Great Southern Reef seaweeds and invertebrates are at risk of extinction, yet there is no protection in coastal waters along WA’s south coast – a critical stretch of this extraordinary reef. 

Fortunately, the WA government has been working on a new marine park along WA’s south coast that will cover a significant chunk of the Great Southern Reef.

If we’re to make sure this new marine park delivers for nature and people, WA’s new Premier Roger Cook needs to know how much community support there is for marine sanctuaries – the strongest kind of protection.

By sending a quick message to WA’s new Premier, you are applying community pressure at a critical time that will help protect this special and vulnerable reef.

Will you send a quick message to help make sure the Great Southern Reef gets the sanctuary protection it needs and deserves?

Image: Jarvis Smallman

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Dear Premier Roger Cook (cc Environment Minister Whitby and Fisheries Minister Punch),

I am writing to show my strong support for the WA Government’s commitment to create a south coast marine park with world-class levels of sanctuary protection. 

This marine park is an incredible opportunity to protect the south coast’s spectacular marine life, culture, great fishing and our treasured coastal lifestyle into the future.

From endangered Australian sea lions and southern right whales to seadragons and blue gropers, the south coast’s turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and rugged reefs are home to a wealth of marine life – much of which is found nowhere else on earth.

Creating a well-designed marine park for the south coast with strong sanctuary protection can provide an insurance policy for the health of our unique marine life into the future, while supporting fishing, tourism and recreation opportunities. The design of the marine park should acknowledge the aspirations of the Traditional Owners along the south coast. 

A world-class marine park has a strong network of sanctuaries that adhere to scientifically backed design principles to meet conservation outcomes (including ‘Comprehensive, Adequate and Representative’ principles, scale and quality, connectivity and resilience principles, and a focus on unique and threatened species) while maximising socio-economic benefits.

It has been almost thirty years since the first recommendations for marine protection along the south coast, and there is still zero percent protection in state waters. These waters are part of the Great Southern Reef, a temperate reef system spanning from Kalbarri to northern NSW boasting phenomenal species uniqueness. With a quarter of Great Southern Reef seaweeds and invertebrates at risk of extinction, the south coast marine park can protect a critical stretch of this extraordinary reef.

As WA’s new Premier, will you support protecting the outstanding conservation, recreation and tourism values of the south coast by ensuring world-class sanctuary protection for our marine life, alongside a mix of other zones to recognise cultural values, fishing, diving and other activities?

I urge you to ensure world-class sanctuary protection within the south coast marine park and create a legacy for an area as important as Ningaloo and the Great Barrier Reef. 

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Send a letter to WA’s new Premier in support of the south coast marine park and help get important marine protection for the Great Southern Reef over the line!

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