Don't butcher our sanctuaries

Finally, the Abbott-era Review into our suspended National Network of Sanctuaries has been released. And it’s worse than we thought.
Massive sanctuary cutbacks are proposed in crucial hotspots around Australia, including the globally important Coral Sea – the cradle to the Great Barrier Reef and one of the last places on Earth where ocean giants still thrive.
But we have a chance right now to influence the decision. The Government is asking for your feedback. Add your name today to reject the cutbacks and fully restore our National Network of Sanctuaries.
Their promise to be science-based has been ignored in favour of expanding commercial fishing and mining.
At the very time our marine life is under increasing pressure from coral bleaching, mangrove die-off and disappearing kelp forests.
There’s already been 15 years of science and consultation, decades of work by all sides of politics, and overwhelming community support. Please add your name to save our sanctuaries today.
As well as butchering our Coral Sea Sanctuary, these plans pander to the oil industry in the Kimberley and Great Australian Bight. They pave the way for destructive trawling in the North, gillnetting in the South, and cut back crucial sanctuary protection at Lord Howe and Bremer Bay – including a Southern Right Whale nursery!
There are a few small positives, but overall these plans will lead to a devastating loss of threatened marine life and continued uncertainty for local businesses and communities.
The final decision on the fate of our sanctuaries has not yet been made. This is our chance to be heard. Together we are a powerful force. Please add your name today to save our sanctuaries.
Thanks for your support.
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