First dolphins, now Supertrawler catches whale shark

Having already killed protected dolphins, seals, albatross and thousands of tonnes of important baitfish, the monster nets of the Supertrawler have now caught one of the world’s largest fish – a whale shark!
This has got to be the last straw. Send a message to the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Supertrawler – calling for a permanent ban to keep industrial factory trawlers out of our waters. http://saveourmarinelife.org.au/whaleshark/
First we were told the whale shark was disentangled from the net and swam away. Now we learn it was dragged onto the trawler before being released. There is no confirmation it survived. And requests for footage continue to be denied.
This event gives you some idea of just how big these monster trawlers are. They kill indiscriminately, scooping up anything that gets in their way – even the biggest fish in the sea.
It’s beyond belief that the Supertrawler has been allowed to fish again after killing seven protected albatross, and only two months after it was allowed to return to fishing after a six-month ban for killing protected dolphins. The carnage has got to stop.
The official deadline for the Parliamentary Inquiry has passed. But there’s been so much outrage that they extended it and have confirmed they will still receive your message.
We will not give up until there’s a permanent ban to stop this monster trawler killing our protected wildlife, and threatening our local fisheries and fishing communities who are desperately concerned. Please send a message today.
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