Help save SA’s marine sanctuaries

On 1 October a new network of marine parks will come into effect. Up to 80 percent of all our marine life in South Australia is found nowhere else on Earth. Feeding and breeding areas for species like the Leafy Sea Dragon and Australian Sea Lion, and iconic dive sites like Neptune Islands, will receive long overdue protection.
Our new marine sanctuaries will also be great for many small businesses across the state as more tourists come to enjoy our beautiful coastal landscapes and underwater treasures.
Unfortunately, right now this is all at risk.
The SA Opposition has legislation before the parliament to remove twelve of the best marine sanctuaries – the ‘jewels in the crown’ of our new network. Many are wild, untouched places. Many are nursery grounds for important fish species. They are places for future generations to marvel at and to benefit from. The Bill has passed the SA Upper House and is now before the Lower House.
The fate of SA’s marine sanctuaries rests with the two Independent Ministers, Martin Hamilton-Smith and Geoff Brock. It is due for debate on 18 September.
Have a look at our digital flipbook to see what’s at stake and to find out how you can help at: www.saveourmarinelife.org.au/sa
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