Imagine dynamite in your lounge room…

Imagine dynamite going off in your lounge room every 10 seconds for weeks at a time…
Unbelievably, air blast testing has begun in our marine sanctuaries off the West Australian coast, while the Abbott Government has them suspended and under ‘review’. This is crucial migratory habitat for humpbacks, blue whales and sea lions, yet air blast testing causes stress, disorientation and could lead to physical injury for endangered species.
It’s almost beyond belief. Please send a message today to keep oil and gas out of our marine sanctuaries.
Last week we uncovered that oil and gas companies have quietly been granted more than 20 permits to look for petroleum in our marine parks. Now we learn that air blast testing has already begun in our sanctuaries.
If the government hadn’t decided to suspend our marine sanctuaries, mining exploration would be totally prohibited in these crucial areas. But if the air blast tests prove successful, the next step will be exploratory drilling.
The suspension of our sanctuaries, the expansion of oil and gas operations, the super trawler being allowed into our waters, the threats to the Reef – all are proof of the creeping industrialisation of the most important areas of our oceans.
We cannot allow this to happen. Please send a message today asking your MP to help keep oil and gas out of our sanctuaries! http://saveourmarinelife.org.au/whales-not-oil/
Thanks for your support.
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