It's gone!

Excellent news! The Supertrawler is gone from Australian waters. THANK YOU for helping to make this happen.
But we need to make sure that NO foreign freezer factory trawlers can wreak havoc on our marine life, fisheries and fishing communities again.
Sign the petition to permanently ban Supertrawlers from Australian waters today.
Thanks to your support and overwhelming community outrage, the Supertrawler became a key issue in this year’s federal election, and a Senate Inquiry report has just been released recommending a permanent ban on freezer factory trawlers in our Small Pelagic Fishery.
It’s great to see Labor and the Greens support this recommendation, but we’re disappointed that Coalition members of the Committee did not support the permanent ban. Sign today to let them know Australians want this ban.
Supertrawlers represent the most extreme excesses of global over-fishing. We know the damage they can do: killing protected marine life and wiping out whole local fish populations.
With the Geelong Star gone, now is the time for a permanent Supertrawler ban! There’s an international fleet around the world just like it – we can’t let them get a foot in the door.
A permanent ban is the only way to protect our marine life, fisheries and our coastal fishing communities from all Supertrawlers. Please take a moment to sign the petition today.
Thanks for your support.
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