Marine park warning to Australia

BRENDAN TREMBATH: One of the world’s leading ocean explorers, dubbed “Her Deepness” by the New Yorker, has a warning for Australia. Dr Sylvia Earle says Australia is at risk of going backwards on the protection of its oceans and marine life.
Liv Casben prepared this report.
LIV CASBEN: As co-host to the World Parks Congress, the Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt was this week talking up Australia’s marine protection credentials.
GREG HUNT: The international goal is 10 per cent; Australia is at 36 per cent of our marine areas being covered by marine-protected areas.
LIV CASBEN: Not so says Dr Sylvia Earle.
SYLVIA EARLE: The current government is not implementing that plan. Australia was on a course, as of 2012, in a continued position of leadership, but by stopping the process of implementing that brilliant plan, Australia is right on the brink.
LIV CASBEN: That brilliant plan Dr Earle speaks of is Australia’s new National Network of Marine Parks. It was due to come into operation in July this year, but the Federal Government suspended the new parks pending a review.
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