Our snubfins need sanctuary

Snubfins need Sanctuary!
Our snubfins have been snubbed! Despite receiving thousands of messages calling for sanctuary protection, the Western Australian Government has just released its draft plan for a new marine park in Roebuck Bay – with NO sanctuary zone included.
We can’t let this become the only ocean marine park in WA without a sanctuary! Please take a moment to show your support for our snubfins: http://saveourmarinelife.org.au/snubfins/
The Kimberley’s Roebuck Bay is home to turtles, dugongs, the mighty mud crab and the biggest known population of Australia’s own snubfin dolphin – only discovered in 2005!
A sanctuary in part of ‘The Fingers’ area of the Bay would be a win-win: allowing continued access to popular recreational fishing sites in the Bay, while also benefiting our marine life.
Thankfully the proposed plan is just a draft. The WA Government is asking for your feedback, so we have a real opportunity to influence the decision. Send your message of support for a sanctuary today: http://saveourmarinelife.org.au/snubfins/
Sanctuaries increase the size and abundance of marine life, provide a safe haven for breeding fish and a healthy feeding ground for animals like snubfin dolphins. Sanctuaries are the engine room of a marine park, the places where the most important conservation benefits occur.
Please send your support for a Roebuck Bay sanctuary today to help ensure a healthy future for the Bay’s incredible marine life: http://saveourmarinelife.org.au/snubfins/
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