Pop a marine sanctuary in your politician's post box

Come on NSW - Protect our marine life,  save our sanctuariesFor more than 400 days now, the NSW Government has weakened protection for marine life by allowing fishing from the shore in marine sanctuaries.
If there’s one thing we know from working with politicians it’s that numbers matter, A LOT. Can you help to help grow ours?
Right now we’ve got 10,000 postcard petitions in our office – can you help get 20 of them signed by your NSW friends in support of our marine life?
If so, please email your postal address to info@saveourmarinelife.org.au and we’ll get them to you asap.
All you need to do is ask your friends who reside in NSW to add their details on the back of a postcard and pop it in a post-box. You don’t even need to add a stamp, simple as that.
Let’s not get to 500 days since NSW’s marine life had the protection it deserves. Let’s add more people to our movement and restore our marine sanctuaries as areas free from fishing, once and for all. After all, the schools of big fish, turtles and weedy seadragons can’t do it on their own.
We’ve already stopped hunting in national parks, now it’s time to end fishing in NSW’s marine sanctuaries. Please ask your friends to sign today. Email us at info@saveourmarinelife.org.au and we’ll send some postcards swimming your way.
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