Monday 3 April 2023

As a polar adventurer and environmental scientist I’ve been to the Antarctic a number of times over the years and there’s no denying its breath-taking scale and grandeur – but visiting Australia’s Macquarie Island over summer was an absolute revelation. 

Honestly, nothing can prepare you for the sheer abundance of marine life on, and around, this spectacular island. 

There are millions of seabirds, penguins and seals breeding, feeding and thriving smack-bang in the middle of the harsh Southern Ocean. 

This incredible place provides a window into what ecosystems could be like if we left them alone – and it’s our responsibility to ensure it stays that way. 

Will you help us achieve that?

We currently have a rare opportunity to lock in strong marine protection for this World Heritage-listed gem. 

The Australian Government has a draft plan to triple the size of the Macquarie Island marine park and is asking for public feedback right now! With one month left, we have a small window of time to achieve strong protection for the island’s vulnerable marine life. 

Unchanged for 24 years, the current marine park doesn’t meet the challenges posed by a rapidly changing climate. Increased interest in seabed mining and dangerous fishing practices in the Antarctic region also pose a growing threat. 

By delivering a surge of support, we can expand and upgrade the marine park and ensure the island gets the fully protected marine sanctuary it needs. 

Please add your name today and call for increased Macquarie Island marine protection! 

After I retraced Sir Ernest Shackleton’s remarkable journey of survival, a journalist asked me what the difference was between my expedition and his one hundred years before. 

I responded by saying that Shackleton’s goal had been to save all his men from Antarctica, but that our goal now, surely, is to save Antarctica from humans. 

The same can be said of Macquarie. Despite its isolation, the island isn’t immune to human impact. It’s up to us to protect our Sub-Antarctic territory for future generations. 

So please, add your voice to the chorus calling for strong Macquarie Island marine protection today! 

All the best, 

Tim Jarvis. 

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