Time to get rid of this Abbott ghost

Last week, thanks to all your support, the Prime Minister confirmed our marine parks and sanctuaries are back in the Federal Budget!
This is a huge solid step towards saving our national network of sanctuaries. It’s a sign the Turnbull Government may be ready to distance itself from Tony Abbott’s era of marine neglect. An era which saw our sanctuaries suspended from operation – leaving our incredible marine life unprotected and local communities facing an uncertain future.
Now is our chance to get rid of Abbott’s ghost. Sign the petition calling for an election commitment from all the political parties to save our sanctuaries and get them in place on the water – just when we need them most! http://saveourmarinelife.org.au/ghost
In the face of devastating coral bleaching, from the Coral Sea – the cradle to the Great Barrier Reef – across to the incredible Kimberley in WA, marine sanctuaries are more crucial than ever. Science shows they help reefs to recover from damage.
The Abbott-era ‘review’ of our sanctuaries has been a farce, stacked in favour of oil, gas and commercial fishing. It’s time to get rid of this Abbott ghost.
In the lead up to the Federal Election, all parties must listen to the advice of Australia’s top scientists, the decades of work by both sides of politics, and the overwhelming community voice who want more protection, not less! Please sign the petition to save our sanctuaries today. http://saveourmarinelife.org.au/ghost
Thanks to your support and the voice of outraged businesses, divers, fishers and ocean lovers around Australia, we’ve got our sanctuaries back in the Federal Budget. Now let’s make sure there’s an election commitment from all sides of politics to get our sanctuaries in place on the water. Please sign to save our sanctuaries today.
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