A last refuge for our ocean giants

Where off the east coast of Australia can you find gigantic whale sharks, 28 types of whales and dolphins, 52 types of deepwater sharks and rays, 6 of the world’s 7 sea turtles, rare healthy populations of large ocean predators such as sharks, tuna and sailfish, and the only known black marlin spawning event in the world?
Australia’s Coral Sea Marine Reserve protects one of the last wild places on Earth where ocean giants still thrive. But this global icon is now top of the hit list for Prime Minister Abbott’s Review of our marine sanctuaries, and it could be completely demolished. Please help save our Coral Sea and its ocean giants today.
Lying just beyond our Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, these two reserves side by side make the world’s largest marine protected area. This national treasure has huge sustainable tourism potential, and its sanctuaries provide a very special safe haven for our marine life.
The Coral Sea Marine Reserve also created what is effectively the largest recreational fishing zone in Australia’s history. By protecting crucial feeding and breeding areas, we can ensure we have fish for the future, while also having great fishing opportunities outside the sanctuaries.
Community, marine scientists and recreational fishers alike overwhelmingly supported this common sense balance. It’s the model of what marine conservation in Australia could become – a win/win for our wildlife, our way of life and our economy.
But this could all be completely erased. The Abbott Government has already suspended our national network of sanctuaries, including the Coral Sea, while they undertake their costly and unnecessary review.
We have a short window of opportunity right now while the Review is open for comment and they want to hear your view. Please send your message of support for our Coral Sea sanctuary today.
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