It could be back: Help ban super trawlers for good

Imagine a ship longer than one and a half football fields, with a net large enough to fly a fleet of aeroplanes through…
The two-year ban on super trawlers runs out TODAY. But an international fleet of industrial freezer-factory trawlers could soon be back on our doorstep, and the industry is still trying to bring them into our waters.
Sign the petition asking Prime Minister Tony Abbott to ban these monsters from our waters for good.
in 2012, together with our supporters, we stopped the Margiris super trawler from causing irreparable damage to our marine life and coastal fishing communities. The threat of 600 metre long nets, dead dolphins, and the removal of whole local fish populations ignited an online and on-ground revolution – resulting in a spectacular backdown and a two-year ban.
Super trawlers represent the most extreme excesses of global over-fishing, wreaking ecological havoc in our oceans. Once they have a foot in our door, there is an international fleet around the world just like it – where would it end?
A permanent ban is the only way to protect our marine life, fisheries and the future of our fishing from all super trawlers. Sign the petition and help convince Prime Minister Tony Abbott – before it’s too late!

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