Good news from World Parks Congress

Good news from the once-in-a-decade World Parks Congress which has just finished in Sydney. Despite a move to try and dramatically cut back efforts to secure high levels of protection for our oceans, we stood firm with the planet’s leading scientists and policy experts, and the Congress has adopted a target to safeguard at least 30% of the world’s oceans in sanctuaries by 2030.
We’ve also got exciting news from the seaside survey we sent out to supporters a few weeks ago. Thanks to everyone who took part.
As well as hearing all your inspiring and moving stories, we learnt from the survey that half of our supporters are snorkellers, a third are divers, a third are sailors, a third are surfers, and a third are fishers. This is a really useful demonstration of how, regardless of your interests and background, support for sanctuaries for marine life is a common goal.
It also means we represent tens of thousands of fishers! This backs up what we know to be true from every published government or scientific survey available: that the majority of fishers know that sanctuaries make sense. By protecting crucial feeding and breeding areas, we are ensuring there will be fish for the future.
This is a great help as we continue our crucial work to save our sanctuaries and to stop the super trawler. Thanks to all our supporters for their help.
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