Not worth the risk

When an oil rig explodes or a spill occurs, the damage is done. Lives are lost forever. Countless marine life and seabirds vanish for good.
We all watched in disbelief from half a world away when oil poured into the Gulf of Mexico for 87 days five years ago.
Now BP has its eyes fixed on expanding into the Great Australian Bight, putting our new sanctuaries, marine life, tourism and fishing sectors all at big risk.
We cannot let this happen! Sign the petition today to keep BP out of the Bight.http://saveourmarinelife.org.au/bight
Exploratory drilling, particularly in the deep, rough and remote waters of the Bight, is inherently risky. And the damage could be irreversible.
Independent research shows if oil leaked from a planned drill site in the Great Australian Bight, it could spread west to Perth and as far east as Tasmania or even New Zealand.
Even a ‘low-flow’ spill would devastate the fishing and tourism industries and threaten one of the greatest havens for marine life found anywhere in the world.
The Great Australian Bight is home to endangered southern bluefin tuna, at least 29 types of whales and dolphins and breeding Australian sea lions. Sign the petition to keep BP out of the Bight today.
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