Review into Marine Sanctuaries announced

Save our Sanctuaries
Everything we’ve fought for – the world’s largest network of marine sanctuaries that 100,000 of us helped to create – is now at risk of being cut back or erased completely.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has already taken the extraordinary step of suspending our national network of marine sanctuaries. Now, today he’s announced his long-awaited ‘review’, saying more science and consultation are needed.
This drastic action makes NO sense. Please ask your federal MP to help save our sanctuaries. 
The ‘review’ is an expensive and unnecessary waste of time and money. There’s already been 10 years of science, more than 600 days of consultation, and 750,000 public and stakeholder submissions, showing overwhelming support for sanctuaries (more than 95% support!).
Our sanctuaries protect our marine life and give fish stocks across Australia the chance to rebuild and thrive. Healthy marine life is essential to support our coastal lifestyle, as well as Australia’s reputation as an iconic holiday destination. In fact, tourism, local business and world-class fishing have flourished around marine sanctuaries.
We can’t let this rollback happen. Send a message to your local Member of Parliament and let them know why marine protection matters to you. It’s their job to represent your view, so the more of us who speak out, the more they’ll make this a priority and the greater our impact.
Our actions were the power behind the campaign to create this proud legacy for our children and the future health of our oceans. Now it is our actions that can stop them being taken away.
Divers, fishers, surfers, sailors, families, businesses, coastal communities and ocean lovers around the country are coming together to save our sanctuaries. We CAN turn this around! Please email your MP today.
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