Tell your MP to get briefed!

World-renowned fisheries scientist Dr Daniel Pauly is arriving in Australia today to reveal the true state of the world’s fisheries and highlight a cautionary tale for Australia.
Australia is at a crossroads. The suspension of our sanctuaries, the expansion of oil and gas, the super trawler getting a foot in the door, the threats to the Reef – all are proof of the creeping industrialisation of our oceans.
It’s time for a wake-up call! All our federal MPs and senators have been invited to an important briefing with Dr Pauly next week. Will you encourage them to attend? Tell your MP to get briefed!
Sanctuaries work hand-in-hand with good fisheries management, and historically Australia has been a world leader in marine conservation. But, as you are well aware, recent decisions have set the country on a destructive path.
Dr Pauly will release the results of a 16-year project looking at Australia and the world’s ‘real’ fish catch, and it’s much higher than previously thought.
We Australians are responsible for the third largest area of ocean on Earth. Our marine life is crucial to our economy, our reputation and our enviable way of life.
But the Abbott Government is currently making decisions that could devastate our marine life. We cannot allow this to happen.
Your MP needs to hear this. We’ve set up an easy action that will take you less than one minute, but it could have a big influence as to whether your MP attends. Please encourage your MP to be there today! http://saveourmarinelife.org.au/briefing/
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