Will the PM take the plunge?

Last week was a game changer for our marine life. Both Labor and the Greens have committed to fully restore our National Network of Marine Parks and Sanctuaries!
The Coalition is lagging behind, but this is exactly the push they need. If we act quickly and pressure Coalition candidates, we can get all sides of politics on board.
Sign the petition calling for the Turnbull Government to fully restore our suspended sanctuaries, without further delay. http://saveourmarinelife.org.au/plunge
Australia’s National Network of Marine Parks has a history of bipartisan support. It’s the result of decades of work by all sides of politics.
But this ended in 2013 when Tony Abbott suspended the Network – creating uncertainty for local businesses, and leaving our marine life unprotected and at risk of expanding commercial fishing and oil & gas operations.
This election is critical for Australia’s oceans. We need our sanctuaries now more than ever before, as science shows they help reefs to recover from coral bleaching.
Thanks to overwhelming community support, we’ve made incredible progress over the last few weeks. Both Labor and the Greens have committed to restore our sanctuaries, and there is huge pressure for the Coalition to respond. Together we are a powerful force. We can make this happen!
Please take a moment to sign the petition calling on the Turnbull Coalition Government to commit to restoring our sanctuaries this election. http://saveourmarinelife.org.au/plunge
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